Antisemitism refers to hatred of Jews, prejudice against and discrimination against them, as an ethnic and religious. An Antisemite is a person who holds such positions. While the term indicates to be directed against all Semitic people, it refers only to Jews-Hatred and no other people, but Jews. The background to Antisemitism is varied: religious background, cultural background, social-economical background and racism.

Antisemitism features stereotypes and negative image which has been cultivated mostly by the Christian churches throughout history. The evil Jew is dangerous and must be humiliated, as long as he refuses to convert to Christianity. This set of negative preconceptions target on entire groups, which an individual person belongs to, as they are being learnt by education and go through generations. Another common phenomenon of Antisemitism is slandering and blood-libels, which come from Christian institutions (for example: “Jews are murdering innocent Christian children, to use their blood for their Matzah baking ceremony”, "Jews spread epidemics”, “Jews poisoning water resources” etc.)

New Antisemitism
Antisemitism is usually being divided into Traditional Antisemitism (Jews hatred throughout history) and Modern Antisemitism (20th century and on). During the recent years antisemitism has formed a new custom of Jews-Hatred. Parallel to hate and violence against Jews, this New Antisemitism is directed to the states of Israel, incitement and hatred towards it and opposition to its existence. The New Antisemitism has similar features as the traditional one: Negative image of the nation and its army, stereotypes, inclusions and a set of lies, blood-libels and manipulated information.

The New Antisemitism also comes from the Middle East and Muslim migrants in Europe, United Kingdom and United States. Early signs of this form of Antisemitism were already exist in the 20’s-30’s of the 20th century, under the leadership of the Mufti – Haj Amin El-Hussaini, who joined forces with Hitler, during WW2. Now days, there is a common phenomenon of holocaust denial, in among Muslim communities around the world. Iran’s former leader, Mahmud Ahmadinajad, used to call for a total destruction of Israel. The head of the Palestinian Authority, Maumud Abas, published a book, based on his PhD research about holocaust denial and blaming Jews for the outbreak of WW2.

Fantom Magazine - Antisemitism

Special Edition, 2013

The Modern Anti-Semitism Israel Model

An empirical relationship between modern anti-Semitism and opposition to Israel By: Florette Cohen, Lee Jussim, Gautam Bhasin & Elizabeth Salib