Lawfare (legal warefare) is a strategic application of legal tools to achieve their war goals, diplomatic or economic context of the military conflict. In some cases it is used as a substitute for traditional military means. Legal warfare relies heavily on public international law, especially with regard to allegations of war crimes and human rights violations. Lawfare is also accompanied by psychological warfare, in the form of the struggle for the international public opinion, achieved thanks to extensive media reports and web propaganda. Lawfare has greatly expanded since the 90s, with the raise of power and status of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs), who claim to promote human rights around the world and with it grown a phenomenon of legal attack and demonization against Israel.

These organizations are actively involved in international lobbying and filing civil suits and criminal lawsuits initiated across Europe, England and the United States, against public officials and military officers, for their "war crimes" or "crimes against humanity" allegedly. Despite claiming to promote "Universal human rights”, these organizations have never pursued cases against the Palestinian Authority, the Government of Syria, Iran or terror organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas.
“Shurat HaDin” is an Israeli organization, first registered in December 2002. “Shurat HaDin” deals with false claims against Israel, entities who finance terrorism and terrorist organizations, or institutions who deliver funds to the terrorism. The organization gained quite a few achievements to its credit, including the regulation of compensation by North Korea and Iran, which have helped Hezbollah, to Israeli victims of rockets attacks from Lebanon. Their recent achievement is compensation payments by the Palestinian Authority and the PLO,
to victims of terrorism in the second Intifada.