Israeli Global Humanitarian Aid

Israel is one of the top actors in providing aid to other countries regarding disaster relief, agricultural aid, medical aid and refugee absorption. As of today, Israel aids approximately 140 countries, a vast amount for a country so young and is considered on the “frontline of international aid.”

Israel has gained disaster relief experience through its own distresses and uses these skills to help other countries who experience disasters. The aid includes food donations, medicine, housing and rehabilitation of facilities. Israel has assisted with the extreme cases of Haiti earthquake, Turkey earthquake, the New Orleans tsunami, the Indian Ocean tsunami, Sri Lanka flood and more. Israel also sent aid in situations such as the Rwandan genocide, the Philippines typhoon and even the civil war in Syria. In the recent earthquake in Nepal, 2014, Israel sent the largest humanitarian aid group, of 260 doctors and medic people.

4 Incredible Moments from 4 Humanitarian Missions

Beyond protecting Israel’s citizens, IDF soldiers embrace another role: serving a source of relief for people. From Japan to Haiti, from Turkey to the Philippines, and recently in Nepal Israeli soldiers have worked miracles and saved lives.

Injured Syrians find treatment in Israel

Syria citizens cross border into Israel, for medical treatment