"Apartheid" State

Apartheid, “the state of being apart” is a word which the Afrikaans used to describe the racial segregation enforced by the government party in South Africa in 1948-1994. There is a claim of an Israel apartheid analogy comparing the treatment of Arabs in Israel to the treatment of non-white’s in South Africa. Human rights groups, critics of Israeli policy, and United Nations investigators have accused Israel of being responsible for Apartheid crimes.

Military checkpoints, the ID system, Jewish-only settlements, the ‘Green Line’ barrier and inequities in infrastructure, are some of the claims which are being used to support for the resemblance to the South African apartheid state.

Opponents to this analogy declare that this is a wrong claim, as Gaza and Palestinian Territories (Areas ‘A’) in Judea & Samaria (AKA: West Bank) are not a part of the sovereign state of Israel anymore. By arguing that Palestinian territories are ruled by the elected Palestinian Authority and Hamas leaders, the comparison to an apartheid state becomes delegitimized and irrelevant. In addition with disproving this analogy, Israel is a democratic state and its law is consistent for Jewish citizens along with other Israeli citizens, with no differentiation between faith, sex or race.