Media Bias Against Israel

The term Media Bias refers to non-objective news reporting, which is based on the aim of promoting a particular agenda, perceptions and beliefs, while weakening the opposite views. Media bias is manifested in different forms: highlighting specific information and ignoring other, expression of empathy with one side only, half-truths, disproportionate representation by emphasis on a particular narrative and trivialization of a counter-narrative, distortion of facts, rewriting facts and even distribution of lies and slandering. The bias may also made by technical means, such as video and photo editing, the broadcast length which h is allocated, broadcast or publishing schedule and the location on the printed media. While this bias is done deliberately in many cases, it may also be created unconsciously, out of beliefs and opinions of the author.

The State of Israel has been offended by bias in the Western media against it for decades. The main complaints are about the distorted coverage of describing Israel as an occupying nation, violent and aggressive towards its neighbors and minorities within it. This phenomenon is reflected in a dichotomy and incorrect presentation of Israel vs. Arab-Palestinians, Israel over Gaza and Israel and Lebanon, in which the Israeli narrative in all cases receives only a little exposure, distorted reviews and censorship.

In Arab countries, the media is not free and therefore it is characterized by flattering the ruler and ignoring any criticism and opposite opinions (some Arab countries even banned the right to critic the rule/government). Israel and the United States are being displayed negatively. Terror attacks against Israel are not displayed at all, or displayed as justified actions against the “Western occupation of the Middle East.” Israel is presented “The Zionist Enemy" or the "Little Devil" and rarely called by its name. Terror attacks against the West (such as the 9/11 events, 2001) receive sympathy and justify coverage. In many cases, the Arab media reviews which are anti-Israel slip into Anti-Semitism, which is presented under the hat of professional, objective, news reports.

The Industry of Lies:

During the recent years, a large smearing industry against Israel has developed, in the form of the "human rights" non-governmental organizations. Organizations such as the "B’tzelem" and "Breaking the Silence", who claim to act for human rights of the Arab refugees in Israel, set their goals to provide framed information, fake evidence and pictures of “violent Israel”, in order to criminalize the IDF soldiers and commanders and damaging the world public opinion about Israel. These organizations are turning directing to European and American audience and refuse to cooperate with Israeli governmental institutions. These organizations have a broad financial support from European countries; foundations and NGO’s from the United States who act illegally, as well as support from Arab and Asian countries. This industry created a situation in which individual citizens trying to make money, by producing fake video evidences of “IDF soldiers beating Palestinians” and therefor got the nickname “Pallywood”.

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